Hi there!

I'm glad we finally meet. Let me introduce myself a little more.

I'm a graphic and interior designer. I am also a music agent for the one, and only UK funk legend, Delegation.

(Yes, dreams do come true:)

I fell in love with fashion, and style some time ago, and this is how the project "Egoist " was born.

My work is closely linked to the world of theatre, Performing arts (Theatre Addict, Theatre festivals,...) These are all genres that I love, and I'm very passionate about.

Some of my work is also tied, of course, to the world of music, and musicians such as
Delegation , Igor Kmeťo , Shakatak's George Anderson and Jill Saward. I am also the owner of a company called Mari Designs, of which I am the designer.

If I'm not skiing (which by the way, is my favorite pastime), dancing, bellydancing, latin dancing, Ashtanga or meditating, then, I'm working on some new design maybe for you or preparing some gorgeous funk concert somewhere.

Thank you for your time, and have a blessed day.